©2017 by Brontë Fall


 In her poem, “Fall, Leaves, Fall”, nineteenth century gothic author Ms. Emily Bronte warmly welcomes Autumn and the looming winter ahead.  She saw poetry in the changing seasons and beauty in the shortening days.  It is this irony that inspired lead singer/songwriter Teri Bracken in the creation of Bronte Fall. Bracken, too, aims to embrace the changing seasons of her life, and express as much through her art.


For Bracken, Bronte Fall alludes to her personal journey all the way back to when it first began. A Chicago native, Bracken moved to Boston as the leaves were falling down on the city.  She was taking classical violin lessons in Harvard Square and would spend evenings wandering its crooked cobblestone streets. There, she would visit the folk clubs and cafes, absorbing all the music and conversation around her. Bracken’s love for travel and adventure brought her journey to Nashville, New York, and other American cities where she explored various relationships and musical genres. It was through these experiences- both personal and musical- that she found her own voice. In her youth, Bracken’s musical euphoria combined both an edgy rock singer and orchestral violin player. Then, for a long while, Bracken craved the rawness of Americana roots music and aching beauty of a traditional fiddle tune. When she fell in love with the craft of songwriting, Pop music took hold of her heart. Thus, she found the avenue through which to tell her story. 


Bronte Fall got its start in the winter of 2015.  Beginning as a mere writing project with a friend from Berklee School of Music, Bronte Fall quickly bloomed into a fully equipped band, performing their first show in Bracken’s home city of Chicago in the spring of 2015.   At the core of this project is collaboration, as Bracken has always been drawn to the team aesthetic in any musical setting.


Outspokenly feminine and reminiscent of three of the first bold women who dared to have a voice, Bronte Fall aims to do what all art strives for- tell the truth.  Like Ms. Emily Bronte, Bronte Fall is unedited and honest, modern and, at times, impolite.  The songs are a testament to resiliency and survival, which make us most human after all.  Bronte Fall’s debut album, Silhouette Dances, allows all of the influences of Bracken’s personal journey to seep through as she continues to pursue this adventure of music & life.